HQ RUF briquettes directly from manufacturer

HQ RUF briquettes directly from manufacturer

Price: 133.00 EUR

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Country: Russian Federation
City: Saint-Petersburg
Languages spoken: English, Russian
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1. Our RUF processing line is installed on furniture factory, which is FSC certified. So, we use sawdust and shaving from FSC wood (see letter attached);

2. We get sawdust and shaving falling from furniture processing lines, so we can guarantee 8-10.5 % of moisture of our briquettes (see certificate of assay attached);

3. We use edge protection materials (corners) to protect damage during handling and transportation (see pics attached);

4. We use strong plastic as a roof of pallet to minimize damage during storage by some tiers and to allow short-terms outside storage;

5. We are able to deliver RUF briquettes under your brand (stickers on packages, paper inlays etc).
Pls consider our offer as below:
Goods: fuel briquettes RUF
Quantity:300 net tn +/- 10% per month
Content: white and dry (moisture abt 8-10.5%) sawdust and shavings of softwood.
Packing: abt 10 kgs polyethylene packages 12 briquettes each, 96 packages are stowed on each wood pallet (800x1200 mm), pallets are covered by polyethylene film and stripped by tape. Pallets are edge protected.
Brand: no name packages
Shipment period: April 2019 – July 2019
Delivery terms as an example CIF Luebeck (Liner Out terms), Germany
Price: EUR 133.00 per net tn
Offer validity: till 30.04.2019Terms of payment: to be agreed
Transport conditions: by 45’ containers, by sea
Container’s cargo plan:
For 45’s – 30 pallets, NWT 28.800 kgs, GWT 29.400 kgs
- Commercial invoice
- Packing list

HQ RUF briquettes directly from manufacturer

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