Long-term contract for purchase pellets

Long-term contract for purchase pellets
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Country: Germany
City: Duesseldorf
Languages spoken: German, Russian
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We are ineresting pellets:

1. DIN-Norm plus Pellets объёмом

a. 2000-4000 tons (trial lot) in March - April

b. 100 thousands tons (2009)

2. Industrie pellets volume

a. 700 tons (trial lot)

b. 100 thousands tons per month (2009) under 400 thousands tons from 2010 (long-term contract)

The points of 1b and 2b are exchangeable and depend on Your possibilities, but 100 thousands tons of DIN-Norm plus from 2010 we are ready to buy in any case. Also possible variant of financing of expansion production. First of all, we can conclude contract to the end of 2009. On a volume 100 thousands tons, or that volume which you will be able to supply with. We already need in March 8 000 tons, in April 10 000 tons and then increasingly.

Diameter: 5-6 mm

Ash content: 0,5 %

Humidity: 7,78 %

Packing: 30, Big-Bags

Certificate of quality: available

Supply capacity: 4000-30000 tons per month

Price: 50-70 EUR

Long-term contract for purchase pellets

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