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Here we would like to present you the latest news regarding Biomasse and Biobrenstoffe in Germany. Biomass is renewable energy sources received from plant or plant-based materials. There are two ways of biomass appliance: the first one is the direct combustion in order to achieve long-lasting heating and the second one is to convert the biomass into different types of easy-handling biofuel.

Biobrennstoffe is widely used in Europe including Germany as it allows reducing harmful carbon and greenhouse gases emission into the environment. A lot of companies and enterprises are engaged either in production of various forms of Biobrennstoffe or in development the modern technologies of biomass into biofuel conversion. A wide range of Biomasse and Biobrennstoffe led to a wide range of prices. Our aim is to share the up-to-date information about the current situation and all the tendencies at the bioenergy market.

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German ministers expressed support for equal development of wind energy

Six ministers of the federal states of Southern and Central Germany ex ...

Energy from renewable sources

European promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources


German Pellets company

German Pellets company successfully finished 2014

According to the financial report, published in May this year, the lar ...

Wood pellets in Germany

Wood pellets in Germany decreased in price by 4,5-5% in April 2015

In comparison with April 2014 and March 2015 prices of wood pellets de ...

Rapeseed harvest of 2015 decreases by 11 per cent in Europe

This year bugs and cold winter destroyed 21,5 mln tons of rapeseed. Th ...

German Pellets and ZG Raiffeisen Energie founded a joint wood pellet supplying company

In order to improve the services offered for their customers the large ...

In Finland the biofuel production wastes are used for the cosmetics manufacturing

Finnish specialists learn how to produce cosmetics and biological acti ...

The Euro Union will reconsider the problem of biofuel production and crops cultivation

The Euro Union will reconsider the problem of biofuel production and crops cultivation

EU government still is not sure if the first generation biofuel produc ...

Prices for wood pellets

The prices for wood pellets increased by 0,8 per cent in February 2015

At the beginning of this year the prices for wood pellets were unchang ...



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