Societe Generale reaffirms hold rating on Drax Group Plc shares

According to MarketBeat reports, Drax Group Plc was given hold rating at Societe Generale bank. Besides, Drax Group Plc informs that 21,168 shares of the company's stock were sold to the insider Will Gardiner in a Sunday transaction. Other ratings were reaffirmed and reissued by several other investment analysts, Drax Group Plc acquiring an average rating of Hold and an average target price of GBX 257.63 ($3.71).

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New research note from Societe Generale

MarketBeat, a company which is involved into digital publishing of information about financial situation on the stock and making different kinds of economic reports, issued a new research note concerning Drax Grop Plc. The statement was made on Wednesday morning and reads as follows: Societe Generale analyst experts gave advice to shareholders of Drax Group Plc neither to sell the shares of the above-mentioned company, nor to buy the new ones. In other words, that means that Societe Generale affirmed its  hold rating on stock items of Drax Group Plc anew. At the present time, Societe Generale has a GBX 270 ($3.88) planned activity price of its shares.

On Wednesday, the shares of the company opened at 255.300 at the beginning of the day. But within the day, the trade indicators of Drax Group Plc shares (LON:DRX) were constantly rising and finally reached GBX 262.90. This indicator was reached due to 5.46% midday trading trade up. The number of company`s shares, which were traded hands, reached the rate of 2,038,120. The total value of the Drax Group Plc shares, which are suitable for trading, is GBX 1.07 billion.

The European Commission provokes short squeeze of Drax shares

Drax Group Plc shares also raised in their value when a new piece of information concerning the company appeared. The European Commission stated that the plan to make Lynemouth plant work on wood pellets instead of coal, which was made by the rival company RWE, may be supported by the government and result in the UK state subsidy. The European Commission considers that this step of RWE should not lead to overcompensation or influence the prices for the pellets. The statement made by the European Commission resulted in a short squeeze of Drax Group Plc shares. The shareholders and traders, apprehending the total growth of Drax share prices, were forced to buy the shares at a higher rate. The above- mentioned share price increased by 12.5% to 253.1 GBX.

Drax Group Plc

Share traders hope to profit from Drax Group Plc shares

The shareholders expect from the European Commission to decide on whether the boilers of Drax Group Plc are suitable for the same state subsidy. In case the equipment is fitting, the government will subsidize the company and this will result in the Drax share price increasing up to 290 GBX, according to the estimate of experts.

Bulk sale prices for power experienced a significant fall. Besides, some kind of regulation uncertainties appeared. That caused 58% slump of Drax share prices during the last 12 months. Nonetheless, one of the insider share traders, Will Gardiner, hoping for a profit, acquired a great amount of Drax Group Plc shares. The transaction in the amount of GBP 49,533.12 ($71,260.42) took place on Sunday, November 15th. The amount of the purchased shares of the company`s stock was 21,168. The average price per share for that time was GBX 234 ($3.37).

Investment analysts about Drax Group Plc shares prices

There is also news from some other investment analysts. For instance, Drax Group Plc received the reaffirmation of hold rating from Deutsche Bank with a GBX 200 ($2.88) price target on its shares - that was reported on Wednesday, January 27th. A cautious rating with a GBX 265 ($3.81) target price was reissued by Morgan Stanley on Tuesday, January 26th. A so called overweight rating was reissued by Barclays on the same day, the target price being GBX 320 ($4.60). on Thursday, January 21st Drax Group Plc was given a neutral rating from Macquarie and a GBX 200 ($2.88) target price was set. According to the research report on Monday, January 18th, the company also received coverage on its shares from Jefferies Group – a hold rating with a GBX 210 ($3.02) target price. Besides, Drax Group Plc received three sell ratings, eight more hold ratings and five buy ratings. Thus, it was estimated that at the moment the average rating of the company is hold rating and its average target price is currently GBX 257.63 ($3. .71).


Reference information

Societe Generale is a company, which provides multinational banking and financial services. The headquarters of this company are situated in Paris, France. The company provides financial services and has several divisions. These divisions are engaged in the support of French Networks, various Financial services, Corporate, Investment and Private banking and many other financial fields. Societe Generale S.A. is considered to be one of the oldest banks of France, founded in 1864. Furthermore the bank has preserved its importance till nowadays. It is the third largest bank of France, and the seventh largest bank in Europe by its assets.

Drax Group Plc is a company which mostly deals with fuel sourcing (LON:DRX), both electricity production and sales. They sale electric power to the inside market and business purchasers. The company was grounded by Central Electricity Generating Board, which established Drax Power Station in two stages in 1974 and in 1986. Along with energy sales and production, Drax Group Plc processes sustainable biomass to be used in the production of electricity.

The European commission is an executive body responsible for the preparation of draft laws, the implementation of the decisions made by The European Parliament and The Council of the European Union. The body is also responsible for monitoring compliance with the EU treaties and other legal acts.

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