Straw pellets in Germany

Straw pellets are environmentally friendly energy resource, ash content of witch do not exceed 3%. It is one of the most energy content biofuels, produced from sourced wheat straw.

Straw pellets market is growing with the high speed and first of all it connected with big amount of using this type of energy resource. Today Germany is one of the main exporters of straw pellets in the European Union.

300-400 tons of straw pellets available

We offer straw pellets. Currently, we have 300-400 t of A1 pellets in LED. Specify your destination port/city to calculate the price per ton.

Looking for a long-term supplier of straw pellets

We are looking for a long-term supplier of straw pellets for us. We need 25-30 trucks a year and the quantities are increasing every year. Please offe..

Straw pellets supply offered

Our company deals with straw pellets selling. Let us know your monthly demand and specifications required in your inquiry. Contac us to negotiate the ..

Rapsstroh Pellets Lieferant Nadlac
Price: 110.00 EUR
10.06.2018, 11:06

Rapsstroh Pellets Lieferant

Wir sind eine Fabrik, die 100% Rapsstrohpellets in loser Schüttung herstellt oder verkauft und in einem Big Bag von 500-1.200 kg mit einem Durchm..

Purchase of straw pellets

Our company is looking for straw pellets. Please send us prices for 15Kg bags and big bags with delivery to 01589 Riesa, Germany.

Selling straw pellet to Germfny, Netherlands

We are ukrainian producer of straw pellet for animal bedding or energetics useing  Delivery in terms of DAF or DDu, minimum quantity 22 ton..

Interested in straw pellets

Our company is interested in straw pellets. Send your offers noticing:- type;- packaging;- origin;- delivery (EXW-DDP);- payment.

A company needs straw pellets in big bags

We need straw pellets in bags of 20 kg and big bags. A complete truck. Specify prices. Delivery: Bussmann Reitweg 2 46359 Heiden - Germany  

Purchasing agripellets for Germany

Making purchases of agripelets in Ukraine for their export to Germany.

German company is looking for agripellets

We are looking for any agripellets in Ukraine. Monthly need up to 30 thousands. Delivery to Germany.

Straw Pellet Price

Straw pellets are widely used in many spheres of the economy - they used for private sector and big manufacturing complexes, as far as for the needs of animal breeding. Easy in use, efficiency and high energy output in combination with a good price make straw pellets one of the most attractive energy sources for many consumers. On German Biofuel Portal you can find a wide range of prices for straw pellets from different producers.


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