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Wood briquettes is environmental and powerful source of energy

Here on German Biofuel Portal you can find the best offers of wood briquettes. This type of solid biofuel holds the first position for its highest energy content and a lot of housing and corporative sectors started using wood briquettes. A relatively low price and simple using make wood briquettes the most convenient source of energy.

Interested in wood briquettes, DAP Doberlug-Kirchhain

We are interested in buying wood briquettes from softwood. DAP  -DE O3253 Doberlug-Kirchhain. Terms and Conditions: - Price / t in DAP - DE 03..

Interested in pine  briquettes, large volumes Passau

Interested in pine briquettes, large volumes

We buy pine briquettes Nestro, ash content 0,8%.We are interested in large volumes, we offer prepayment.

Premium Hardwood briquettes Budapest

Premium Hardwood briquettes

Made from waste hardwood from the floor manufacturing industry, these excellent briquettes will burn for a couple of hours and give a really good flam..

RUF overnight Briquettes, clean bark from Spruce and Pine Budapest

RUF overnight Briquettes, clean bark from Spruce and Pine

Made from clean, washed pine and spruce bark, these blocks can burn for 6 to 10 hours and are excellent for keeping your stove warm overnight. Also go..

Pini-Kay Oak Briguettes Budapest

Pini-Kay Oak Briguettes

These briquettes are the densest wood fuel we supply. They are made from oak waste from the parquet flooring industry. They do not expand when burnt a..

Hardwood Cobs Budapest

Hardwood Cobs

Parameters Composition: Made from waste hardwood from the furniture manufacturing industry. Compression: Not known. Calorific value: 5.0kWh/kg Max. as..

Birch Briquettes Budapest

Birch Briquettes

These excellent hardwood logs are made from Birch. They are highly compressed leaving an attractive, clean, dense briquette that does not shed dust or..

Beech Nestro briquette Budapest

Beech Nestro briquette

These "beefy" sawdust logs are extremely densely compacted and will give around two hours of good heat if burnt fast, or up to four hours if..

Price: 110.00 EUR
05.07.2018, 09:07

Ruf Oak Briquette

We would like to offer you high-quality product – RUF briquettes, which is manufactured at the enterprises of our company. The product is produc..

Purchase of birch briquettes in bulk

We would like to buy a truck of birch briquettes in 10-kg packaging.

Wood briquettes Price

Wood briquettes are the best alternative source of energy that can be used both in housing and commercial plants. The main component of wood briquettes is the saw dust, pressed with a high pressure, so it turns into fuel. The German Biofuel Portal provides you the most interesting offers from reliable producers of wood briquettes with a wide price range.


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