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Wood briquettes is environmental and powerful source of energy

Here on German Biofuel Portal you can find the best offers of wood briquettes. This type of solid biofuel holds the first position for its highest energy content and a lot of housing and corporative sectors started using wood briquettes. A relatively low price and simple using make wood briquettes the most convenient source of energy.

Price: 125.00 EUR
05.12.2019, 07:12

Pini kay wood briquettes offer

Our company is a producer of Pini Key fuel briquettes without additives, from natural wood of mixed breeds. Octagonal Cut Briquette with Hole. Dimensi..

Pini Kay briquette, FCA Belarus Bobruisk
Price: 123.00 EUR
22.10.2019, 09:10

Pini Kay briquette, FCA Belarus

Pini Kay briquette, white colour. The prcie is 123 EUR/FCA

Pini Kay Briquettes Rzeczenica pomorskie
Price: 125.00 EUR
11.10.2019, 03:10

Pini Kay Briquettes

Pini Kay Briquettes Combusting temperature: 4500 Kcal/кg Moisture: around 7% Ash content : around 0,6 % Mechanical durabilit..

NESTRO Briquettes Rzeczenica pomorskie
Price: 125.00 EUR
11.10.2019, 03:10

NESTRO Briquettes

NESTRO Briquettes Combusting temperature: 4300 – 4700 Kcal/кg Moisture: around 8% Ash content : around 0, 7% Mechanica..

Angebot Briketts Poland

Angebot Briketts

Angebote der polnischen Firma bietet Ihnen Produkte und Erzeugnisse der Holzbearbeitungsindustrie aus der Ukraine an. Wir beschäftigen uns mit d..

Price: 140.00 EUR
21.06.2019, 09:06

RUF Briquettes for sale 1200 ton per month

We have available 1200 ton per month of Pine briquettes from approved sustainable source. Full capacity will be available for first shipments in Septe..

Searching Nestro, Pini Kay and Ruf

Our company is searching Nestro, Pini Kay and Ruf. Give us your offer eith the price EXW.

HQ RUF briquettes directly from manufacturer Saint-Petersburg
Price: 133.00 EUR
20.03.2019, 11:03

HQ RUF briquettes directly from manufacturer

1. Our RUF processing line is installed on furniture factory, which is FSC certified. So, we use sawdust and shaving from FSC wood (see letter attache..

Interested in briquettes RUF

Interested in the supply of briquettes RUF with our label.Send your offer indicating the location of your production and warehouse.

Buying hardwood and softwood Pini Kay briquettes to Munchen, Germany, DAP/FCA

Our company buys Pini Kay briquettes from hardwood and softwood on a pallet. Specify the volume you can supply and the price, including delivery on DA..

Wood briquettes Price

Wood briquettes are the best alternative source of energy that can be used both in housing and commercial plants. The main component of wood briquettes is the saw dust, pressed with a high pressure, so it turns into fuel. The German Biofuel Portal provides you the most interesting offers from reliable producers of wood briquettes with a wide price range.


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