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Wood chips for heating

Wood chips are the product of wood processing, which resulted in the breakup of large pieces of wood into small pieces, which are called wood chips. This process requires using special machines called woodchippers.

Wood chips are widely used in various sectors: for cultivation of mushrooms, in landscaping and gardening, as well as for restoration ecology. However, nowadays wood chips are the most widely used as a powerful source of heat and energy.

Pine chips for paper mill in Europe required

We need Pinewood chips: (papermaking chips) Specification: · Fine (less than 6 mm): max 3% · Thick over 32 mm): max 9% · Bark con..

Buying pine wood chips, 6000MT a year, 15% moisture, CIF Weisenheim am Berg

Buying pine wood chips, 6000MT a year, 15% moisture, CIF

We need 6000 MT of pine wood chip per year in fuel, around 15% moisture content, in 40 HQ Container.In your SCO specify which country this wood-chips ..

Buying Beech, Oak, Alder Chips Berlin

Buying Beech, Oak, Alder Chips

Interested in Wood Chips From Sawmill (Grey Alder, Beech, Oak)Specifications:Quantity:1.000 Dry ton per monthFor our customers we are looking for a pr..

Eucalyptus Wood Chips

We are a high quality producer and supplier of Australian eucalyptus wood chip from sustainable, renewable and certified resources. Our Australian eu..

Purchasing fuel shavings in large volumes

We purchase fuel shavings of natural moisture in large volumes. Size: up to 10 cm.

A company sells softwood chips

Our company sells softwood chips. Volume is 3000 m3/month on EXW terms, Leningrad reg.

A company needs to buy wood chips is large amounts

We need to buy wood chips in large amounts on CIF terms, Germany ports.

A company is interested in purchasing technological chips and sawdust

Our company needs to buy technological chips anв sawdust. Price is contractual. Ready to buy on FOB, CIF, DDU and DDP terms. Send the specification..

Wood chips purchase

As we will increase our purchase of woodchips in a larger scale - we are looking for new co-operation/contract partners.

Looking to buy wood chips torino

Looking to buy wood chips

We are looking to purchase wood chips in important quantity directly from producers because we hav einterest in long time agreement joint venture

Wood chips Price

Wood chips are relatively inexpensive source of heat and power and the price / quality ratio is rather high. Our platform contains a large number of quotations for the sales of wood chips from manufacturers and suppliers. For comfort searching all listings of the sale on our website have been ranked by the price. This allows you to choose the optimal purchase price and sign lucrative contracts with wood chips suppliers.


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