Wood pellets Dinplus - ENplus A1

Wood pellets Dinplus - ENplus A1

Price: 200.00 EUR

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Country: Germany
City: Hirzenhain
Languages spoken: English, German
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WE are serioses sales partners Germany markts with eco-wood pellets for industries ton South East-europe with certificat ENA1 ENPlus or DINPlus certificates. We are best contacts to the germany high quality pellets directly to big manufactures! We can delivery high quality big bags sticks ore bags 15-25Kg protect Exporting.

We need bestprice and we can deliver to Germany and EU markets with the best quality 6mm and 8mm Wood pellets to Dinplus, ENA1 and A2 -Industry pellets 8mm.

Made by manufacture germany/ East Europe with ENA1, Dinplus Quality.

Wood pellets Dinplus - ENplus A1

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