German Biofuel Portal's Profile

German Biofuel Portal is a specialized international resource for bioenergy, biofuel and biomass products. The web-portal provides up to date information about the fresh product offers, the latest technology achievements and future developments. We do our best so our customers and visitors were well informed and have clear answers for all the questions concerning biomass, biofuel and bioenergy. The main target of the project is to assist its customers in establishing new partner relationships between future biofuel consumers and suppliers.

Our mission to give people an opportunity to get high-quality biofuel for heating either their domestic building or industrial enterprises.

We have certain aims to achieve:

  • The biofuel portal provides the support in selecting the most suitable biofuel type and preferable future supplier or manufacturer.
  • We research, collect and give the latest information about biofuel, biomass and bioenergy market and technologies development for everyone who is interested.
  • We give an additional chance to the manufacturing companies to find their potential customers and to approve themselves as an important unit of the biofuel and bioenergy market.

The Project offers the future consumers:

  • the latest materials and recommendations that will give an idea about the modern bioenergy technologies, the biofuel features, fuel boilers and other facilities for the biofuel production.
  • the simple and convenient catalogue of biofuel suppliers so you always have a chance select the best suitable offer and compare the prices for products and services.
  • we publish regularly fresh articles, news and adds about some events where the futures consumers are able to meet the biofuel manufacturers and suppliers in order to learn about new technologies and future developments.
  • The Project offers the future suppliers:

  • an ultimate chance to inform their future customers about their services, terms and conditions;
  • an advantage to announce their achievements and results, share the their plans and indicate their market position;
  • an opportunity to get a review from their customers about their products and services in order to improve the service and product quality to extend the number of customers.
  • We would be very glad to see you among out customers in future. We hope that our biofuel portal will be a good helper in biofuel and bioenergy matters and you will be able to find a reliable partner and the offer that meets you expectations.