Biomass energy related news

Here we would like to present you the latest news regarding Biomasse and Biobrenstoffe in Germany. Biomass is renewable energy sources received from plant or plant-based materials. There are two ways of biomass appliance: the first one is the direct combustion in order to achieve long-lasting heating and the second one is to convert the biomass into different types of easy-handling biofuel.

Biobrennstoffe is widely used in Europe including Germany as it allows reducing harmful carbon and greenhouse gases emission into the environment. A lot of companies and enterprises are engaged either in production of various forms of Biobrennstoffe or in development the modern technologies of biomass into biofuel conversion. A wide range of Biomasse and Biobrennstoffe led to a wide range of prices. Our aim is to share the up-to-date information about the current situation and all the tendencies at the bioenergy market.