Was ist Marktintelligenz?

Nowadays, lots of trade offers are in the public access, still, with the increasing amount of trade deals, financial fraud and scams have become more frequent. Moderators of Global Trade Metal Portal always try to block such members to guarantee the safety of your deals. Market intelligence would help to identify frauds and scammers within other ads.

How to establish the authenticity of the offer?

Here are some features that may lead to suspicion:

  • The seller offers his product at an extremely low price: such an offer might be a scam;
  • The seller requires pre-pay without giving any guaranties / the buyer requires post-pay without giving any guaranties (no exceptions and compromises;
  • The seller gives no details in his offer on product’s specs, quality, packing details etc;
  • Beware: the offers without any photos might be scam;
  • Check out the offers posted at the top of the main page! Be sure, they have been checked by Global Trade Metal Portal Team.