Metal recycling

How to recycle scrap metal?

Metal recycling is just as important as other products recycling. The process is almost the same. The first step is grouping or sor >>

Pellet stoves combustion waste

Pellet stoves combustion waste utilization: German experience

Nowadays, pellet stoves heating in Germany is a widespread phenomenon. A lot of houses and households are obliged to provide heating >>

Wood pellet storage facilities

Wood pellet storage facilities in Germany

The issue of wood pellet storages has become very important with the development of renewable energy consumption and biomass energy >>

Pellet heating market

Pellet heating in Germany: pellet burner market trends

Pellet burner market experiences the increased development in the European countries and in Germany in particular. The pellet burner >>

Pellet fuel

Wood pellet fuel: German way

Germany has experienced the evolution of the entire pellet industry of the country. In the 1990-s Germany started the development of >>

Pellet price index in Germany

Pellet price index in Austria and Germany

Pellet price index is a percentage number which shows the extent to which the price for wood pellets (consignment) has changed over >>

Pellet stoves in Germany

Pellet stoves in Germany 2016: barriers and opportunities

As far as pellet stoves are concerned, Germany is considered to be one of the countries where the contemporary model of a wood stove >>

Heat market

Heating markets throughout Europe

European heating market. Background First of all, it should be noted that heat in Europe is used for various purposes in order to fu >>

Industrial production of pellets

The Industrial Pellet Market in Germany

The industrial pellet market of Germany is considered to be one of the most fast-pace developing wood pellet markets in the world. M >>

Bioenergy policies

German Biomass strategy

It goes without saying that each European country needs very strict policy with regard to biomass usage. This will help to mitigate >>


Carbon tax policy in Germany

The subject of heating debates appeared in 1999 when the German Ecological Tax Reform was adopted and implemented. On the one hand, >>

German Pellets

German Pellets non-solvency proceedings, the company keep the doors open and lights on

German Pellets Company claims its insolvency or so called inability to make operations connected with money. The insolvency proceedi >>

Renewable energy

German Renewable Energy Sources Act vs EU Renewable Energy Directive

The situation on the energy market faces drastic changes. These changes are considered to be one of the greatest ones in the world s >>

Rapeseed production faces decrease in Russia

Russian agrarians responsible for rapeseed and by-products failed to increase sector production

Russian rapeseed and by-products market experiences significant fall in 2015/2016 marketing years. The expert analysts assess the am >>


Biomass market trends and bioenergy sector views on EU

State of play on the sustainability of biomass used in EU The usage of biomass for the purpose of heating and cooling has experience >>

Drax Company

Societe Generale reaffirms hold rating on Drax Group Plc shares

According to MarketBeat reports, Drax Group Plc was given hold rating at Societe Generale bank. Besides, Drax Group Plc informs that >>

European investors

Lviv receives EUR 27.5 mln for biogas plant from European investors

Lviv receives EUR27.5 mln for biogas plant from European investors Three European organizations including EBRD provide the Ukrainian >>

Torrefied pellets biomass fuel

The characteristics of Torrefied pellets: green incentive

The European countries are extending the use of wood pellets, which have already become the most popular renewable energy source in >>

wood pellet prices

Wood pellet prices in the European Union

Global wood pellet production Wood pellet manufacturing has grown rapidly since 2000. Thus, wood pellet production increased from 1. >>

Make wood pellets manufacturing

How to make wood pellets

Wood pellets have a dense, convenient form and are used as a wood fuel, animal feed, animal bedding etc. Most wood granules are bein >>

Rapeseed harvest

Grain and rapeseed harvest forecast in Latvia appeared to be promising, compared to 2014

The total grain and rapeseed harvest this year is awaited to be 16 percent higher than in 2014 and may beat the record of all-times, >>

Pellet torrefaction process

Development of torrefied pellets market in Germany

The use of alternative energy sources is gaining popularity in many countries, primarily because of high-level emissions of traditio >>

Wood pellet standards

European wood pellet standards in Germany

The popularity of wood pellets as a source of heat energy is growing - private households, local businesses and large industrial com >>


Rapeseed export in Germany keeps increasing

In the first quarter of 2015 the volume of the rapeseed export in Germany kept the tendency for increasing. According to the latest >>

Energy from renewable sources

European promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources

DIRECTIVE OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources 23.1.2008In 200 >>



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