Bioenergie biobrennstoffe offers

German Biofuel Portal presents a list of the latest and up-to-date biomasse and biobrennstoffe offers below. The main target of this portal is to provide its customers with the most comfortable way in searching for the future partners. The biomasse, bioenergie and biobrennstoffe categories offer a wide range of all the available announcements made by the national and international suppliers.

Offering recycling wood pellets (mix of A and B wood)

The best and most inexpensive pellets we can supply are recycling wood pellets (mix of A and B wood). The price can be as low as 139 euros (DAP Kjelle..

Interested in wood pellets of 6mm from pine, 45t a day Krefeld

Interested in wood pellets of 6mm from pine, 45t a day

I am interested in wood pellets of 6mm from pine. Permissible ash content is not more than 1%. Volume we need is 2 truck a day (45t)

Rapeseed oil CDRO DIN 51605, ISCC certificate Frankfurt

Rapeseed oil CDRO DIN 51605, ISCC certificate

Our company offers CDRO DIN 51605 for Bio-Fuel 30PPM.We need official LOI with company letterhead.

Wood pellets, 15 kg bag, 50t min, CIF Kelsterbach

Wood pellets, 15 kg bag, 50t min, CIF

We are a German company, leading suppliers of all types of wood products in the country. We deal with different wood products and we specialize in woo..

Buying wood pine pellets in Kyiv region

We would like to buy wood pine pellets in Kyiv region. Please send the product certificates, some photo on a squared paper, and photo with a packaging..

Firewood in a bag of 25l

Hi, our company offers firewood in a bags, mostly, we are working with alder. We can pack it like you needed, just send some information and we will m..

Ruf Oak Briquette

We would like to offer you high-quality product – RUF briquettes, which is manufactured at the enterprises of our company. The product is produc..

Purchase of birch briquettes in bulk

We would like to buy a truck of birch briquettes in 10-kg packaging.

Potential customers on Kay Pine Briquettes

I have some potential customers. Please see their requests: Product Name : Wood Briquettes Specifications : Kay Pine Briquettes 10mm-40mm Quantity R..

Rapsstroh Pellets Lieferant Nadlac

Rapsstroh Pellets Lieferant

Wir sind eine Fabrik, die 100% Rapsstrohpellets in loser Schüttung herstellt oder verkauft und in einem Big Bag von 500-1.200 kg mit einem Durchm..

A large number of biofuel offers available at Biomasse, Bioenergie and Biobrennstoffe categories. Growing prices for the fossil fuels made the energy production from biomass and biofuel an excellent alternative. Here the future consumers could find the certified suppliers.

A biofuel offers posted in the Biomasse, Bioenergie and Biobrennstoffe categories meet the European Standard so the consumers could purchase the best biobrennstoffe. Biomasse suppliers provided their offers with the essential details about expected terms and conditions that would make it a simple way to select the desirable offer for the future buyers.


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