Bioenergie biobrennstoffe offers

German Biofuel Portal presents a list of the latest and up-to-date biomasse and biobrennstoffe offers below. The main target of this portal is to provide its customers with the most comfortable way in searching for the future partners. The biomasse, bioenergie and biobrennstoffe categories offer a wide range of all the available announcements made by the national and international suppliers.

Inquiry woodpellets Dinplus- EN A1 Hirzenhain

Inquiry woodpellets Dinplus- EN A1

We are serioses sales partners Germany markts with eco-wood pellets and firewood for industrys ton south east-europe with certificat ENA1 We need bes..

Wood Pellets 6mm Pine Munich

Wood Pellets 6mm Pine

Excellent Quality 6 mm wood pellet. 6000 Mt per month. Minimum one container per order.

Interested in wood pellet supplies

We are looking for a wood pellet supplier to Germany. Volume: 3-4 camions per week Delivery: to Goslar, Germany on DDU terms. We would like to ask ..

Buy wood pellets 6 and 8mm, ENPlus A1/ DINPlus

We are looking Woodpellets (6 and 8mm, ENPlus A1/ DINPlus). Packing : a-) 15 Kg Bags on Pellets b-) in Big Bags c-) Loose Please send us your best FO..

A company is interested in wood pellets on permanent base

Our company is interested in wood pellets on permanent base. Diameter: 6 mm. Packaging: 15 kg bags. Certificates: DIN and DIN+. Send the price includi..

A company requires firewood Nuernberg

A company requires firewood

Our company requires firewood. Length: 25-30 cm. Humidity: 20%. Volume: 1 truck per 4-6 weeks. Send the offer.

Interested in hardwood (beech)

We are interested in hardwood (beech). Humidity: 15-20%. Length: 33 cm. Packing:1 RM - 2 RM on 1 pallet. Dimensions: approx. 25/30/33cm. Place of disc..

We sell WOOD PELLET, witn EN PLUS Certificate

We sell wood pellets, with EN PLUS CERIFICATE Origin : Europe, Canada For more details : please contact to us  

A company requires wood briquettes Baden-Baden

A company requires wood briquettes

Our company requires wood briquettes. Volume: 50 tons per month. Send the price per ton.

A company is interested in wood pellets

Our company is interested in wood pellets. Send the offer with the price for wholesale, type of wood, productive capacity per week/month.

A large number of biofuel offers available at Biomasse, Bioenergie and Biobrennstoffe categories. Growing prices for the fossil fuels made the energy production from biomass and biofuel an excellent alternative. Here the future consumers could find the certified suppliers.

A biofuel offers posted in the Biomasse, Bioenergie and Biobrennstoffe categories meet the European Standard so the consumers could purchase the best biobrennstoffe. Biomasse suppliers provided their offers with the essential details about expected terms and conditions that would make it a simple way to select the desirable offer for the future buyers.


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