German Pellets and ZG Raiffeisen Energie founded a joint wood pellet supplying company

In order to improve the services offered for their customers the largest German wood pellet manufacturer took an unexpected way.

German Pellets is one of the leading wood pellet manufacturing companies both in Germany and all over the world and ZG Raiffeisen Energie a unit of Raiffeisen financial and industrial group, founded a joint company best:Pellets and united their efforts to increase influence for the domestic and world market and to improve the services offered to the clean fuel consumers.

best:Pellets started its work on January 1, 2015 after the founders approved all the judicial and financial details and divided the new-created company’s shares in two halves.

'We cooperate with ZG Raiffeisen Energie for several years already and trust each other. Dealing with the logistics matters we gained valuable experience with the assistance of our well-known at the biofuel market partner. Joint company foundation is just another step in our successful cooperation. With its help we plan to increase our influence for the market' says Peter Leibold, Managing Director of German Pellets.

It is worth mentioning that half of all wood pellets energy units are located in the south-western part of the country where the demand is growing by 10 per cent annually. The reason for that is the strong desire of local people to reduce either their dependency upon the changing prices for traditional fossil fuels such as coal, gas and diesel or an amount of harmful emissions to the environment.

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The prices for wood pellets increased by 0,8 per cent in February 2015

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