Rapeseed harvest of 2015 decreases by 11 per cent in Europe

This year bugs and cold winter destroyed 21,5 mln tons of rapeseed. The survived harvest volume is 11 per cent lower in comparison with the last year numbers.

Rapeseed is the most popular oilseed crop cultivated on the Euro Union territory. It is widely used as a raw material both for biodiesel and edible oil production. However now farmers dealing with this crop experience rather bad situation.

Among all the countries Germany is the largest rapeseed producer still it as certain issues with it now. Last autumn rapeseed fields suffered from extremely intensive insects influence as EU prohibited some insecticides application including nicotinoids. These products were commonly used for rapeseed fields treatment but turned be fatal for bee population.

Insects massive attacks made plants vulnerable to winter frosts that led to decreasing rapeseed acreage 2015 by 5,8 per cent up to 1,3 mln ha.

Analytics at Stratégie grains, French research company calculated the rapeseed harvest in 2015 would be cut by 21,5 mln tons which is 11 per cent lower the record number in 2014.

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