The Euro Union will reconsider the problem of biofuel production and crops cultivation

The Euro Union will reconsider the problem of biofuel production and crops cultivationEU government still is not sure if the first generation biofuel production has a right to exist.

During next few months the Euro Union will deal with the issue of further limitation or even absolute restriction of biofuel production from crops including rapeseed. There are several reasons to do that. First, all scientists and experts still remain at odds over the fact whether biofuel produced from crops is cleaner than petroleum refinery products. According to the various researching the biofuel allows either to reduce the emitted gases by 200 per cent or to increase them by 17 times which is incredibly high numbers. Besides the scientists have no decision concerning either agricultural products are worth using to solve the energy problem or it is better to use them directly for animal feeding.

Also the representatives from The Food and Agricultural Organization established by UNO announced that cultivating crops used for biofuel production influenced directly for the increased lack of food in the developing countries.

'We should stop arguing whether food is more important than fuel. We have to find another less obvious solution for the food and fuel problem. However everyone is sure that food is our priority. We should not consider biofuel either as a threat or as a simple way from the crises. It could bring both harm and benefit', shares José Graziano da Silva, an organization General Manager.

However the EU government understands the first generation biofuel production and use restriction will inflict serious harm to all the green energy industry. Even if the existing enterprises continue their activities until they repay all the provided funds the industry will lose the huge amount of investors.  In this case the second generation biofuel using wood as a raw material has certain risks to stay without any financial support. As it requires much more money for the development it will be complete industrial fiasco.  For example to create a necessary manufacturing capacity in Finland 175 mln euro were provided.

Elmar Baumann, a head of the German Biofuel Producers Association considers any land use changes and restrictions in biofuel use and production from agricultural crops should be approved realizing that this industry provides many specialists with work places. As well as biodiesel and bioethanol cause less damage to the environment than traditional fuel.

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