Feul briquettes offered Austria

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Offer Description - Feul briquettes offered Austria

Diameter - 9 cm.

Heating value - 18,9 MJ/kg = 4.514 kcal/kg = 5,25 kWh/kg

Density - 1,16 kg/dm3

M.C. - 9%

Ash content - 0,20%

Available in 10 kg foil packing or in 25 kg plastic bag.
Briquettes are suitable for all solid fuel oven like tiled stoves, kitchen stoves and central heating. With a low amount of briquettes you will reach a high heating value. Pellets are used even more in stoves with automatic fuel control and central heating. Due to the low m.c. is the heating value approx. 15% higher than fire wood. Independent trials proved, that 1 kg briquettes reach the heating value of a 1/2 l fuel oil.

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