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Straw pellets in Germany

Straw pellets are environmentally friendly energy resource, ash content of witch do not exceed 3%. It is one of the most energy content biofuels, produced from sourced wheat straw.

Straw pellets market is growing with the high speed and first of all it connected with big amount of using this type of energy resource. Today Germany is one of the main exporters of straw pellets in the European Union.

Straw Pellet Price

Straw pellets are widely used in many spheres of the economy - they used for private sector and big manufacturing complexes, as far as for the needs of animal breeding. Easy in use, efficiency and high energy output in combination with a good price make straw pellets one of the most attractive energy sources for many consumers. On German Biofuel Portal you can find a wide range of prices for straw pellets from different producers.