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Offer Description - Wood Chips Brazil FSC Wood

Description wood-chips: Typical dimension: 2,5 cm to 5 cm x same size x 3 to 5 mm thickness  without any presence of plastics, sand, stones, pesticid, hardwares and other materials.   The woods to be utilised will be extracted from the ecosystem forests legally authorized fror the Biomass production.

Premium Wood Chips 
Wood material Brazil fir, pine, bracating  or eucalyptus
Quality certification SGS test report
Dimensions 20 X 20 up to 50 X 50 mm
Wood-Density Wet Basis Approx. 640 Kg/M3 - Dry Basis Approx. 250 Kg/M3
Calorific Power Wet Basis 2.000 to 2.300 Kcal/Kg - Dry Basis 4.500 to 5.000 Kcal/Kg and up
Inerts Álcali Approx. 15% - Pentosanes Approx. 17%
Energy Output Wet Basis 2,324 to 3,726 MWh/Ton - Dry Basis 5,229 to 5,811 MWh/Ton
pH Approx. 5,7
Chemical Composition Oxygen Approx. 47%
Chemical Composition Hydrogen Approx. 5,8%
Chemical Composition Nitrogen Approx. 0,3%
Chemical Composition Sulphur Less than 0,003%
Chemical Composition Chlorine Less than 0,1%
Chemical Composition Carbon  Approx. 52%
Volatiles Approx. 13%
Ash content 0,38% to 0,88%

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