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Wood pellet price

Wood pellets are the heating fuel made from compressed biomass. It is a modern alternative to the traditional fossil fuels such as gas, coal or oil. Pellets are produced from the wood waste under extremely high level of pressure without adding any special glue or any other binders. Wood pellets are normally use for heating both industrial and domestic objects. Below please check the list of all available offers for wood pellets.

Intrerested in cooperation with wood pellets suppplier

I'm looking for a new supplier of wood pellets, for a test a truck 24t, wood pellets 6 mm DIN + standard. Please send me an offer for a truckload ..

Price: 125.00 EUR
02.10.2019, 07:10

Oak Wood Pellet Offer

We supply Oak wood pellets=125 Euro.The minimum order range is from 6 tons.Packaging is: 1 bag=15kg  1 truck=24 pallets  1 pallet=66bags ..

Have interest for certificated wood pellets to Germany Süderlügum

Have interest for certificated wood pellets to Germany

Our comapny has demand in certified wood pellets supply. We need pellets to be packed in big-bags with delivery. Send us your offer with price (with a..

Looking for a reliable supplier of wood pellets

We are a Trading Company for Raw materials in the industry sector. Our Aim is to provide HQ materials for our clients. We are always open for oportuni..

Buying wood pellets on CIF Antwerp

Interested in 20,000-30,000 MT of wood pelets per month (bulk), based on CIF Antwerp. Send us full offer including specs, price and payment terms.

Price: 150.00 EUR
17.12.2018, 09:12

Wood Pellet whole supply, Hungary

PRODUCT NAME: WOOD PELLET Wood Pellets Origin : Hungary color:    Yellow Diameter: 6mm to 8mm Length:   10MM to 15MM Ash:  &n..

Wood pellets for sale Give
Price: 120.00 EUR
16.12.2018, 01:12

Wood pellets for sale

1. low moisture ,ash and sulfur. 2. 100% made by pine saw dust with high heating value. 3. long burning time, high energy content. 4. Minimum carbon d..

Exporting DIN+ and ENPlus pellets to Germany Zell am Harmersbach

Exporting DIN+ and ENPlus pellets to Germany

We are looking for high-quality fuel pellets DIN+ and ENPlus supplier, able to deliver the product to Germany. Waiting for your offers with price and ..

Price: 180.00 EUR
09.11.2018, 06:11

Wir können Ihnen das nächste Angebot für Pellets anbieten

Folgendes Angebot können wir Ihnen unterbreiten.  1 LKW = 22 Big Bag je 1 to Holzpellets incl. Anlieferung nach Doberlug-Kirchhain  Pre..

German company needs pellets DIN A supply

We are looking for pellets DIN A supplier, 6 mm pellets in 15 kg bags.Volume required - approx. 2 trucks. Destination - Germany, 97956.

Holzpellets in Germany

A wide range of wood pellets offers available on Natur Energy, a German Biofuel portal. Due to increasing prices for traditional energy sources, there is growing interest towards the biofuels, as a less expensive alternative. Firing wood pellets instead of the fossil fuel bring less harmful emissions to the atmosphere. The ash and dust content in pellets are significantly low.

The suppliers offer the wood pellets that correspond the European Standard ENplus so the future customers could receives the biofuel of the highest quality. Also each offer contains the information about the approximate term and conditions so the potential consumers could select the most suitable offer.


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