Wood pellets 8 mm from producer

Wood pellets 8 mm from producer

Price: 100.00 EUR

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Country: Ukraine
City: Khmelnik
Languages spoken: English, Russian
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Ukrainian company - manufacturer of quality wood pellets has uninterrupted year-round production. Production is in the Vinnytsia region, in an ecologically clean area. Raw - conifers (pine, spruce). Diameter of products 8 mm, length 30 mm. Wood pellets quality meets German standards DIN and DIN plus. Nominal capacity - up to 500 tons per month.

Technical characteristics and pellets:

  Humidity: 6.6% 

  Ash: 0.51%

  Density: 1.22 kg/dm3

  Length of 7-30 mm.


Test report available.

Price, terms of delivery and packaging stipulated in contract. 

All contract conditions will be negotiated separately.

Hope for mutual cooperation.

Wood pellets 8 mm from producer

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