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Germany is one of the highly developed countries in Europe in terms of pellet stoves usage and production. Thus, a great variety of pellet stoves manufacturers have appeared on the market of this country. The pellet stoves market of Germany is well-known and respected not only within the country but also far abroad. Furthermore, many people who are eager to equip their houses and households with pellet stoves installations make their choices in favour of heating installations from pellet stoves manufacturers of Germany.

Heating and pellet stove manufacturers in Germany

Besides the fact that the systems of pellet heating are applied in single- and multifamily houses, wood pellets are nowadays more and more used for the purpose of heat supply in communal buildings such as schools, kindergartens and commercial facilities. Over the course of the last years, wood pellet stove manufacturers have significantly expanded and increased their production capacity in order to be able to meet the growing demands for wood pellet heating systems and pellet heating needs. Due to this, wood pellet materials and facilities are today firmly established on the heating market in Germany as well as internationally.

It should be taken into account that both the products and the very market have become more 'mature' and developed. Pellet heating systems are widely manufactured and generally recognized and valued thanks to its high efficiency and utilization levels as well as the advantage of low carbon emissions, that is, being environmentally-friendly. It has also become a tendency to replace old wood heaters and boilers with wood pellet burning ones.

As to the pricing of wood pellets and wood pellet facilities on the market, it does not usually depend on the progress and changes on the oil and gas markets. Wood pellets producers supply different domestic, renewable raw and residual wood pellet materials. In relation to this jobs connected with wood pellets heating are created and promoted throughout Germany and other countries. Manufacturing of wood pellet heating facilities is also economically beneficial and profitable.

Pellet stove manufacturer capacities

German heating market development and pellet stoves manufacturers

Today wood pellet stoves manufacturers offer a broad range of appliances and installations for the purpose of pellet heating supplies for any customers-tenants of flats, owners of detached houses, kindergartens, schools and different administrative buildings of cities and local authorities, in commercial establishments-basically, for heat solutions of all kinds. The diversity in wood pellet stoves manufacturing and the natural growth of market raises the question of fuel supply and pellet production capacity, which is constantly growing in Germany. The number of pellet facilities traders and market partners is also continuously increasing.

It should be also mentioned that in addition to the direct sales by wood pellet manufactures, import-export-oriented companies, wholesalers and retailers are also engaged in the market trade. Pellet producers and distributors in Germany are increasingly investing in greater storage capacity and more efficient logistics solutions for wood pellets production and sale. With 1, 4 mln tones of domestic consumption in 2011 and approximately 1,6 mln tones in 2012, wood pellets still have a comparatively small share on the energy market in general. And the current production capacity of 2,9 mln tones shows that the wood pellet market in Germany is well prepared for the future development and expanding.

Success story of pellet stove manufacturers

The beginning of environmentally friendly approach took its place in the USA in the 70s when wood chips raw material was pelleted with the heating purposes for the first time in the history of energy production. In the late 70s the market of European boiler manufactures began to gain its significance: the first European countries which adopted and developed innovative pellet heating technologies were Austria and Scandinavian countries. Before long, in the 90s the pellet market of Germany had been increasing and developing more than rapidly. For the time being, wood pellet manufacturing thrives in Germany. More than this, nowadays the pellet market of Germany is regarded as one with the highest turnover in Europe and the third in the world after the USA and Canada.

Pellet stove manufacturer market

Wood pellet manufacturers pioneering country

Being one of the pellet manufacturing pioneers in the world, Germany also has an impressive pellet stove market. The list of pellet stove manufacturers offering their products and heating appliances is quite impressive. Moreover, wood pellet stove manufacturers are constantly trying to improve their products with some kind of unique features and options to win the day and draw attention of environmentally friendly customers. The rapidly growing number of pellet heating systems and pellet stoves in Germany - from a few hundred installations in 1998 to nearly 280,000 pellet stoves in the end of 2012 - illustrates the constantly increasing interest of the German and European citizens for these environmentally friendly heating systems. While the demand for the heating appliances is growing the variety of different boiler models and pellet stoves manufacturers is also increasing. From the beginning, satisfied purchasers of pellet stoves were able to advice the appliances to their neighbours and friend.

Pellet stove manufacturer trends

In contrast, for the time being an increasing number of energy consultants, customer support organization, chimney sweep agencies as well as engineers of heating technologies can give customers recommendations and advice concerning wood pellets and wood pellet stoves. As a rule, wood pellet stove manufacturers create eye-catchy brochures and innovative systems of support on their web sites in order customer can have the idea about the quality and functionality of the product. Moreover, high quality standards of the produced installations also attract the foreign customer to purchase the pellet stoves of German wood pellet stoves manufacturers and as a rule become the main reason for the choice in favour of pellet stove from Germany.

10 huge Pellet stove manufacturers of Germany

Here one can find the rating of the biggest pellet stove manufacturers in Germany. The rating gives information on product ranges offered by different manufacturers, location of their capacities as well as historical background of wood pellet stoves producers.

Haas+Sohn is also one of the leading pellet stove manufacturers in Germany is. For the time-being, the group of companies is always on top of all the rating lists of pellet stove producers in all significant markets in Germany as it offers quite a broad range of goods. For Haas+Sohn, Germany is the most important country of product export, its share being 85 per cent. Nowadays in this country the pellet stove manufacturing company finds itself among the top 5 suppliers, its position on the market depending on its fluctuation.

At present the assortment of goods offered by Haas+Sohn enables the customer to choose among different pellet stove and oven variants for home usage-starting from special wood-burning fireplace stoves and oil-burning stoves and to regular wood pellet stoves. There are also such facilities as domestic slow combustion stoves, kit stoves, side stoves and slow burning ones. Thus, Haas+Sohn is recognized as a full-line supplier. The company also introduced some innovations such as the patented wood-coal-automatic mode or the automatic fuel recognition.

The total number of workforce in Haas+Sohn is now 416. The headquarters of the corporate group are situated in Austria (Puch), in German it is located in Sinn and there also other production sites in the Czech Republic and Hungary.

Another popular pellet stove manufacturing company in Germany is KOPPE, a family enterprise which is currently more than 80 years old. The company offers an extensive assortment of pellet products and facilities; especially it concentrates on the supply of wood pellet ovens and stoves of high quality to any taste. Its headquarters are located in Eschenbach, Oberpfalz.

LEDA Werk GmbH & Co. KG is another pellet stove manufacturer which has become an expert in heating facilities both in Germany and throughout Europe. The company is a well-experienced, customer-oriented and flexible producer which designs and manufactures innovative construction parts for heating facilities using iron materials. LEDA offers a wide range of separate details as well as ready high-quality tile pellet stoves and stove replacements, fireplace stoves and ovens.

The company Lohberger Heiztechnik GmbH took over on 01 September 2013, the Lohberger group was founded in 2000 SHT Heiztechnik from Salzburg. Lohberger expanded by the division for central heating devices in the product segment pellet and firewood heating systems and ensures an excellent market position in the field of heating technology, with promising prospects. The wood pellet manufacturer offers a comprehensive broad range of products (pellet / firewood combi boiler for the basement and living room, pellet housing central heating, logwood, etc.). For the development of combi boiler technologies the company has been awarded the Bavarian State Prize in 2011 and the Energy Genius 2012 Design.

Olsberg offers pellet stoves with the cutting-edge burner technologies. Olsberg pellet stoves are characterized by elegant and contemporary design. At the same time they impress with an automatic and user-friendly control, high efficiency and their long service life.

One of the German well-known wood pellet manufacturers is ORANIER. The company of wood pellet stoves manufacturer was founded in Hesse Dillenburg. ORANIER provides the heating devices with a storage tank and solar panels as complete systems that can be integrated into existing heating systems.

Pellet stove manufacturer diversity

In 1989 RIKA became the very first company which introduced pellet stove combustion technologies to Europe. For the time being, the company is still one of the market leaders in the wood pellet heating sector. Improving tried-and-tested manufactured products and developing new models of pellet heating installations -- as one of the wood pellet stoves manufacturers as well as woodburning, and combi stoves producers - RIKA proves itself to be very innovative, environmentally friendly manufacturer and its products are popular both within the country and abroad. The company always follows international standards and sustainability criteria. Purchasers can find right woodburning stove or pellet stove for every budget, from affordable to exclusive. Manufacturer offers the suitable stove for every social or target group and residential environment

Wamsler is very huge pellet stove producer which was founded yet in 1875. At first company was engaged in wood stove production. For the time being, the company offers broad range of stoves including wood pellet stoves of high quality.

Windhager pellet stoves are also well-known on the market of Germany and Austria. For more than 90 years Windhager stands for reliable technical solutions that make heating comfortable, safe and affordable. The large demand for our products allowed us to grow steadily and develop numerous innovations on the heating market. Today they are one of Europe's leading manufacturers of boilers for renewable energy and provide pellet heating systems among the broad range of other heating installations.

Wodtke is one of the pioneers of pellet stove technologies for living space in Europe. The first development idea goes back to 1989th A large number of recognitions and awards underscore the outstanding and innovative technology and design quality.

Wood pellet manufacturers in Germany meet the demand not only in the country but also in the world. The highest quality of wood pellet stoves manufactured in this country is the main reason for the popularity of the installations in other European countries and in the world. The creation of powerful wood pellet stoves market is mostly caused by the fact that Germany is one of the biggest wood pellet producers and consumers in the world.

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