Benefits of using wood briquettes

Wood briquettes are one of the best kinds of solid that produce a big unit of energy. The low ash and sulfur content are also a great advantage in using wood briquettes. Also wood briquettes have higher energy value per cubic in comparison with other sources of energy. A lot of housings and plants buy wood briquettes and use them as the main source of energy.

Buying wood briquettes will be a good choice for your energy independence. Huge potential of energy of wood briquettes is a key factor of effective energy production. A wide range of wood briquette suppliers on German Biofuel Portal allow to choose the best offer and to get all the advantages of using wood briquettes.

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Searching Nestro, Pini Kay and Ruf

Our company is searching Nestro, Pini Kay and Ruf. Give us your offer eith the price EXW.

Interested in briquettes RUF

Interested in the supply of briquettes RUF with our label.Send your offer indicating the location of your production and warehouse.

Buying hardwood and softwood Pini Kay briquettes to Munchen, Germany, DAP/FCA

Our company buys Pini Kay briquettes from hardwood and softwood on a pallet. Specify the volume you can supply and the price, including delivery on DA..

Pini Kay briquettes needed to Germany, 10 kg packing on a pallet

We need Pini Kay briquettes, 100% hardwood (oak, hornbeam) and 100% pine, 10 kg packing on a pallet (96 bags on a pallet) without delivery. Specify th..

We are looking for RUF briquettes

We are looking for RUF briquettes. Delivery to Germany 10245 Berlin We need 100t. There should be 96 packs of 10kg on a pallet.

Interested in wood briquettes, DAP Doberlug-Kirchhain

We are interested in buying wood briquettes from softwood. DAP  -DE O3253 Doberlug-Kirchhain. Terms and Conditions: - Price / t in DAP - DE 03..

Interested in pine  briquettes, large volumes

Interested in pine briquettes, large volumes

We buy pine briquettes Nestro, ash content 0,8%.We are interested in large volumes, we offer prepayment.

Purchase of birch briquettes in bulk

We would like to buy a truck of birch briquettes in 10-kg packaging.

Potential customers on Kay Pine Briquettes

I have some potential customers. Please see their requests: Product Name : Wood Briquettes Specifications : Kay Pine Briquettes 10mm-40mm Quantity R..

Price: 1.00 EUR
03.01.2018, 03:01

Interested in briquettes, spruce or pine for Germany

We require fuel briquettes RUF, only coniferous rocks, packing in packages of 10 kg.Delivery on DAP terms in Germany. If you are interested in coopera..

Wood briquettes purchase to FCA or DDU / DAP Germany

We are searching for all kind of wooden briquettes (ruf, nestro, pini-kay) with or without delivery to Germany. Please sent your offer with incoterms ..

Price: 1.00 EUR
30.12.2017, 02:12

Interested in oak wood briquettes 9cm

We want to buy oak pellets 9cm from Eastern Europe in quantity of 15 truckload Spot - 1 time.Price - On demand EUR per m3Buy from Europe

Interested in Ruf Wood Briquettes from spruce and pine

Interested in Ruf Wood Briquettes from spruce and pine

We buy RUF wood briquettes from spruce and pine in packing of 10 kg, 96 packets on Europalette, plastic filmed (Thermo), DINplus, FSC 100% Specificati..

Looking for Ruf Beech Briquets

Looking for Ruf Beech Briquets

We are for RUF briquette made of beech or oak. 10 charges in the short term. We would like to build a cooperation for 2018 Quantity: 10 truckload per ..

Interested in Oak Wood Briquettes 9 cm
Price: 1.00 EUR
21.12.2017, 04:12

Interested in Oak Wood Briquettes 9 cm

We buy wood pellets from aok, origeon Poland, region - Eastern Europe. Specifications: Quantity: 15 truckload Spot - 1 time Diameter: 9 cm Price: On d..

Searching for wood briquettes

Growing popularity of using wood briquettes confirms the fact that it is one of the most effective types of solid. A lot of people all around the world use wood briquettes as the main souse of energy because of its huge efficiency.

Buying wood briquettes is a great choice in favor of the optimal energy source. Here on German Biofuel Portal you can find a big list of wood briquettes and make a good partnership contracts with producers in the future. Easy in use German Biofuel Portal will be a perfect guide in searching for your briquette consumers.


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